The CAPs finally have the ability to add tattoos

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Obviously, just conducting the playoffs with ez2kmt current teams as they stand today would be simple. Surely we'll find a fantastic postseason and we could see whether Giannis Antetokounmpo along with the Milwaukee Bucks can eventually get over the hump, or when Kawhi Leonard will reign supreme once more with his third team, the LA Clippers. However, if we are going to do this, why would it easy? If we're going to crown a champion, let us crown a CHAMPION.

What we'll do today with the simulating power of NBA 2K is look back to history and seed a playoff tournament with 16 previous winners. We'll pit them against each other in a bid to determine who is the best champion of all time, at least in the eyes of NBA 2K20.

The CAPs finally have the ability to add tattoos, but the face and hair sculpting is still behind games like MLB The Display, and most certainly WWE 2K titles. Blowing this part of the game outside will push an already powerful bit of the sport to another level. It feels just like the lack of the feature in NBA 2K games is a philosophical decision.

For some reason, it seems 2K does not find the value in allowing its franchise gamers to keep their saves from 1 version to the next. MLB the Show introduced this about seven decades ago and its community adores the feature. 2K is still behind in this area.

The Long Shadow isn't an entirely different narrative mode than what you get on current-gen, but even if it was, it'd be better suited to your standalone and optional mode that consumers could play and complete to get a hefty VC reward and maybe a special badge, but it ought to get an end. Now, it seems just like a mode that users are being made to play, rather than given the option to Buy MT 2K22 enjoy for its cinematic qualities.

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