NBA 2K22 will not have crossplay

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It allows the cross-progression.NBA 2K22 has finally found the answer to MT 2K22 possibly one of the most frequently asked questions. Fans might not like the information we've learned about crossplay.

A few players may be disappointed that NBA 2K22 won't bring cross-play into its new game. However, there's some positive aspects in the shape of cross-progression. Let's talk about what this means and why NBA 2K22 has removed crossplay from their game.

Many gamers hoped that this was the first NBA 2K video game to feature crossplay abilities. But 2K Sports decided to skip it this year and instead go with cross-progression. Although it is speculation that 2K would prefer players to remain on their platform however, it is also possible that Sony and Microsoft couldn't reach a mutual agreement regarding crossplay features. In any case, players aren't able to play against their friends on other platforms.

It means that you will not be able to play against Microsoft players on your Sony console. Even though it's the very first year on next gen consoles, NBA 2K22 won't have the function to allow cross-play. Although it's a sad situation but the 2K title will allow cross-progression.

It will give players who like MyTEAM the chance to enjoy a silver lining. If you haven't had the chance to see what NBA 2K22 means by cross-progression, this is what you should be aware of. Cross-progression lets MyTEAM players to play on different generations of Buy NBA 2K MT the same console.

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